Based in Co.Monaghan, The Dent Man Ltd, is one of Ireland's leading auto dent repair companies. With speciaslist training we have perfected the art of paintless dent removal to a very high standard.

Damien Connelly

Damien Connolly (Proprietor/Technician)

Having worked as a certified sheet metal worker for many years, Damien has a vast knowledge of working with light gauge metals which gives him that lending edge when it comes to modern car body panels


John Gerard Hughes (Technician)

With over 20 years experiene in car body repair prior to PDR he has a very high level of skill and knowledge of paint finishing and excels in delivering quality workmanship.

We would encourage anyone who has questions regarding PDR, and its advantages to contact us or indeed contact your local car dealer or panel beater. All reputabel dealers and body shops now use PDR, today as it has become an integral part of their business.

Typical Dents

Parking dents Shopping trolley dents Golf ball dents Minor creases Outward dents caused by objects falling against the inside panel Any dent which hasn’t cracked the paint


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